I’m too young to be this old

Welcome to my resilient life, where you shift your mind you can shift your life! I am thirty nine years old and will hold myself this young for seven more months! I am too young to be old but somehow my body symptomology has me reaching closer to concern, and pondering - am I now… Continue reading I’m too young to be this old

The equation to health is much more complicated…..

A closed mind believes the successful way to health requires a committment to one thing! For example, “If I would just eat healthier, I would become healthy!” But the truth is, health is much more complex than this all of nothing thought process! Health truly is a sum of all the twelve parts of what… Continue reading The equation to health is much more complicated…..

Design a timeline

In order to get to SHIFT we must begin to understand where we are! Today we start with mastering Our own story! You must listen within, discover and look for patterns of health and illness in order to fully discover Your why before find the answer to guide your try’s! ACTION- Antecedents: Discuss your fetal… Continue reading Design a timeline

Break the rules!

I sat down this am for my usual cup of morning routine and I realized the lack of workouts I’ve put in this last two weeks! Somewhere amongst the heat of fun I forgot to discipline myself with my usual fitness stuff! Instead I rested. I relaxed. I laughed I lived mindfully through every moment… Continue reading Break the rules!

24 hours later….

One day gets you to the pathway of any dream! I have 12 weeks here to do what I need to set through adversity, do you want to too? You can join me all the way through! Today we rest, and learn how we must detoxify ourselves entirely before we jump too far in, and fall harder than before!