Outdoor fitness challenge #1

Today i encourage you to find you earphones and a good ole playlist, and head out that door by the end of your day, to complete your first fitness challenge of SHIFT 30. Sometimes with fitness we tend to look too much into the future that we miss the moments in the now! Today is… Continue reading Outdoor fitness challenge #1

Break the rules!

I sat down this am for my usual cup of morning routine and I realized the lack of workouts I’ve put in this last two weeks! Somewhere amongst the heat of fun I forgot to discipline myself with my usual fitness stuff! Instead I rested. I relaxed. I laughed I lived mindfully through every moment… Continue reading Break the rules!

24 hours later….

One day gets you to the pathway of any dream! I have 12 weeks here to do what I need to set through adversity, do you want to too? You can join me all the way through! Today we rest, and learn how we must detoxify ourselves entirely before we jump too far in, and fall harder than before!

Kids these days or days like these?

It’s a lonely struggle facing parenthood with “kids these days” – are they “kids these days” or is “days like these raising kids?” I woke up peacefully around 6 am, sat with my self, my thoughts a good book about fate, and started off strong – comfortable, and emotionally prepared for the day to come!…… Continue reading Kids these days or days like these?