Hormones or mental health?

Woman are cyclic beings- and this month i really noticed the change in my emotional state on state on day 17 of my menstrual cycle- It was a shift into high negativity - an overwhelming loss of energy, drive, motivation, and a sense of rage inside- a miserable realization on how i was designed! Luteal… Continue reading Hormones or mental health?

Nourish a new identity

Heres a few of my self discoveries over the course of these past few weeks- If your new here, check out https://shiftyourlifedesign.com/2022/02/02/theres-a-pattern-behind-your-resistence/ to learn about the onset of my discovery plan. It was only through letting go that I was able to identify patterns i have built around food, and comfort. My mental muscle was… Continue reading Nourish a new identity

Theres a pattern behind your resistence……

Ive been a food addict for most of my life, battling obesity since my early teens. At the young age of 14 my mom invited me to join weight watchers with her and we both successfully worked intentionally, day after day to find our weight loss way. Slowly the weight returned as life and experiences… Continue reading Theres a pattern behind your resistence……

Just a couple of SHIFTS can open the flood gates

No one can successfully change all things at the same time, but one can change a couple of things, and these will set the multiplication of numourous things! 2021 has been a health focused journey toward fit at forty! January began with a journey of thirty days, behaving daily with a free yoga challenge, https://yogawithadriene.com/,… Continue reading Just a couple of SHIFTS can open the flood gates

My Journey Through “just five days”

I am an advocate for holistic health and believe we must include physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, vocational, and environmental assessments to create healing! These seven factors are the origins of overall wellness and must be considered when you want to shift your life design! This weekend I began listening to a functional medicine podcast… Continue reading My Journey Through “just five days”