Hormones or mental health?

Woman are cyclic beings- and this month i really noticed the change in my emotional state on state on day 17 of my menstrual cycle- It was a shift into high negativity - an overwhelming loss of energy, drive, motivation, and a sense of rage inside- a miserable realization on how i was designed! Luteal… Continue reading Hormones or mental health?

Nourish a new identity

Heres a few of my self discoveries over the course of these past few weeks- If your new here, check out https://shiftyourlifedesign.com/2022/02/02/theres-a-pattern-behind-your-resistence/ to learn about the onset of my discovery plan. It was only through letting go that I was able to identify patterns i have built around food, and comfort. My mental muscle was… Continue reading Nourish a new identity

I’m too young to be this old

Welcome to my resilient life, where you shift your mind you can shift your life! I am thirty nine years old and will hold myself this young for seven more months! I am too young to be old but somehow my body symptomology has me reaching closer to concern, and pondering - am I now… Continue reading I’m too young to be this old

Hormone Health- the key to wellness both inside and out!

Get on track with your hormones to better understand your behaviour patterns! I am 18 years in the making of being a nurse and it is only in this last two years I really took an interest in better understanding hormone health- and what i am discovering is that these are the master cells to… Continue reading Hormone Health- the key to wellness both inside and out!

Outdoor fitness challenge #1

Today i encourage you to find you earphones and a good ole playlist, and head out that door by the end of your day, to complete your first fitness challenge of SHIFT 30. Sometimes with fitness we tend to look too much into the future that we miss the moments in the now! Today is… Continue reading Outdoor fitness challenge #1

The secret diet code

First off, i want to share a wonderful gift that someone once shared my way, it’s an app for downloading library books free, BUT you do need your library card!!’ Check out Overdrive and get started on reading,learning, and discovering! I found a book that interested me this week, and i encourage each of you… Continue reading The secret diet code

Victories and excitement work to persuade week 10

But it’s not the only thing I learned something yesterday about having a fixed mind versus a growth mind. We all wanna chose the idea we live with a growth mindset but in reality many of us are living our lives in an unconscious state. You see, the everyday ways we journey through our days… Continue reading Victories and excitement work to persuade week 10