Digestive health

What does it mean to eat a healthy diet these days?

I am a girl living in Canada and we follow the Canada food guide to define balanced nutrition!

This guide, updated early in 2019, provides a visual to how to eat healthy! It provides insight into protein, grains, fruits, vegetables, and hydration And offers insight to reasons whole foods are the healthy choice!

This is a perfect beginning to eating well, encouraging colour, variety and mix of essential food groups! Each food group offers value to the human system, so a good balance of these can allow our bodies to function abundantly!

Health and wellness is often depleted as we make poor food choices, (Intentional or Not)! The breakdown and process of food begins with what we put in! If we are feeding our system with under or over nutrition we will consequently face unbalanced digestion!

Unbalanced digestion can impact our health in so many ways, ThAt why it’s so vital to implement a dietary regimen that enhances your health!

How do we move through our diet when something does not digest right – we pay attention on purpose, in order to heal then what’s not right!!

A healthy digestive tract works to change foods we consume into fuel (protein, carb, fats, vitamins, minerals)! It is these sources of fuel that allow for growth and repair, so when problems occur, we face ailments of discomfort to illness from there!

Take time for a gut check- how’s things feel, flow, or let go?

Disrupted digestion is a multifaceted disease- from toxin, intolerances, to microbiology mechanisms!

There is something known as the five R program to digestion- remove, replace, reinoculate, repair and rebalance! Each state of change requires you address it uniquely! Sometimes our bodies require the removal of toxic triggers (yeast, allergy, parasites, or bacteria), but to begin to know which way one should go, begin with A food diary for patterns of difficulty!

When you investigate a symptom it can bring you to truth, and you will learn how to personalize the dietary truths!

Ingestion, digestion, absorption, and elimination , could be the solution to master digestion!

Pay attention on purpose and see what you see, we are what we eat, so change intentionally!