Emotional freedom techniques

EFT is a self help tool that works on the body’s energy pathway

It serves to:

  • relieve stress and promote relaxation (SHIFT)
  • harmonize you- from physical pain and emotional suffering
  • SHIFT you through addiction and cravings
  • Guide you to wisdom through relationship conflict
  • SHIFT you back to good sleep, nutritional, fitness paths
  • Build your self esteem
  • Build you back towards a creative path
  • Restimulate and awaken you!

Emotional tapping technique PDF (www.Eftfree.net)

Even thou I am struggling with _______________(Your stress situation) I deeply love and accept myself with ______________ (positive self talk statement: ie: nonjudgment, empathy, courageous, compassionate, loving ness)

  • The pdf is an amazing teaching and guidance tool to help you learn a new strategy that can effectively induce cognitive shifts!

There is an array of information on taking this forward into your life and the lives of your children and families to equip yourself with skills to work through the difficult moments! I encourage you to read, watch, and learn, as i will be doing for myself and my family!