FOOD for Mental Health fuel

I’m learning everyday How to use food as fuel and not just as Fun!  I’m a food lover, and adore good treats (cheesecake seems to my weakest link)!

BUT realized AFTER struggle with body Image issues, and being Overweight, that I too have got a lot of growth to go!  FOOD as fitness for our minds, once you see if in a new way, you will begin to EAT in a new way!

Food fuels our bodies, for function, but more so for focus, feel good, and vitality!

Clean eats:   include fresh foods regularly throughout the entire day:  breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and light evening snack, with water throughout your entire day, maximizing intake for good wellness and body cleansing.

It is time you set your hormones and hunger cues straight, by beginning good hormonal care:  reset insulin resistance, heighten your leptin and Ghrelin, and begin to understand how food fuels your cues!

to learn more about food and mental wellness, speak with your Dietician to help you thoroughly

understand how food fuels you function, day after day!