Health and Well

Weekly messages how to Redesign your life toward your soul’s desire!  Change is the only constant in this life, so Wouldn’t you LOVE to better manage the Changes coming your way?!  I am a Health advocate, with a keen interest in sharpening our mental and physical lives!  Come along: Smile, Harmonize, Inhale, Focus, Try, after all, do you have any other choice after all?!

My Timeline is quite interesting as it relates to my health and wellness!

Antecedents are factors that predispose us to illness! These can be a combination of things, genetics or acquired conditions, but these influence our health, so we must focus in on how “things back then” have contributed to our health today.

Specific triggers provoke health and well symptoms, so take time to evaluate ideas that have escalated your change: (microbes, trauma, environments, toxins, relationships, allergens etc)!

Finally, what has mediated the cycle to change (psychological stress, thoughts, hormones, allergens), that have contributed to the process of disarray? There are numerous ways to assess ones health as it is today, and treating a symptom is just one way.

Holistic medicine begins when you connect the process of all the ways we fall ill, and begin assessing the matrix of our health signs and symptoms! We must master the basics: sleep, exercise, nutrition, and stress, and we must work through, at baby steps toward all the rest!

When was the last time you were really feeling well? I hope a few of the resources I share in this section can begin answering some of your complicated ailments!