It takes a growth Mindet to learn from a child

I began the journey of Motherhood expecting I could, and now I AM, but not the way I thought I would!  Our lives were blessed with our first born, back in 2010, the winter following our marriage!  We were excited to let family life begin, but never did we truly know what it would give.

Our son gave us patience and understanding, he had us question our coping mechanisms, and truly reminded us about the value to let others in.  Ashur taught us to live without expectations, and to always be open to the willingness to accept the things we cannot change, and the courage to change the things we can.  Ashur was born after a terrible length of delivery, with what the nurse titled “BIG FAT BABY syndrome”, say what?!  Ashur struggled with low glucose levels, and I believe it taught us more about Hangry and the effects that nourishment has on the bodies, only after seeing it from the inoncence of our baby.  He was born, after countless stuggle, by caesarian, weighing in at 9lbs 14 oz! He made his way into this world, frustrated with lack of sugar , and he continues to pave the way to enlighten us about the journey inside a mind of ADHD.  Ashur is 8, and maturing wonderfully.  He has given us a challenge to work through obstacles, and to thrive deeper than we ever thought possible!

Our K bear, Kalayha Jade is 5, and she is a beautiful soul, filled with kindness, and life!  kalayha values attention, leadership, and more, lending a helping hand is more to what she adores!  Kalayha has given us the gift of slowing down as a reminder to see the beauty in which surrounds, and more all around,  she has given us the gift of perseverance to stand tall amongst normal!  She is her own beating spirit, and I believe she will create a perfect dream, if she remains confident to her current extreme!

After Kalaya, I am led into  little Oak, our Oaklyn Lee, the “baby of the family”, who is currently 3.  Oaklyn has taught us about persistence and balance, and how to effectively challenge no, in order to define ones being!  Oaklyn is an adventurous soul, who lets nothing get in her control!  She has given us strength to take time and breathe, walk away and see, and respond only when necessary!  We are more mindful every day, because the attitudes are  easier this way!

Our First born

Raising children has not been a simple transition for me, but one that life long learnings could not give me the lessons in which I continue to receive.  I have had to do the most to live, learn, accept help, and grow.  Who knew it would raise me more than a child, in accepting the gift into motherhood, and open the world to new possibility for them, but more in ME.

The Middle child
the “baby of the family”