Which way is the way?


SHIFT is my souls desire to keep going deeeper within!  The foundation of this site is to give you the courage, support and experience to believe you can design your life simply by believing you can

smile- harmonize- inhale-   focus- try

Especially when adversity sets in!

I am someone who knows the road with difficult moments- I believe in the ability to forgive, heal, learn and let go-and I believe you can rebuild and grow!

I want to help you discover your wisdom and your strength and help you learn to be alive through whatever experience life makes!  I want to help you transition through life’s difficult tasks but more so I desire to guide you to find your own personal dance- the beautiful experiences that shake you deep within!

Welcome to my site, I’m so glad you are here, ! I believe our interaction was destined to   Appear.  Please Settle  in and browse my site, I believe this moment is just right!

This moment matters, so please enjoy your stay, I believe we’re both soul searching and we ve connected today!

My desire comes back to a shop, I’m a Nurse Practitioner but I simply cannot stop! I’m destined for more,  as my rhythm beats within me,

so please enjoy every opportunity!

My journey is just starting so please understand, I’m building foundation with good intention at hand!

mental health is crucial so find things you love, pour your heart and soul in and learn to rise above!

You will notice Shiftyourlifedesign will forever take change, Such as life, keep discovering, keep growing, and keep going, it surely is about pace

I am passionate about living a life styled by me, so I share about my journey of fashion fitness and photography!