My book



Who knew that 2017 would hold the key to a great start for me!  I was soul searching at the start of 2017, and a book titled, “Bloom” stumbled across me! (Estee Lalonde). Something about her personality and mine meshed, and instantly I was hooked, off her book!  I believe Estee allowed me to break free, and direct me toward my own personal’ desires to set my soul Free!  I began dreaming I too could design a lifestyle book, but with her support, My book took shape a way of it’s own!  I began feeling passionate about my past, despite years of struggling with grief and feeling lost!  She helped me Bloom, and for that, I now encourage you all to look deep inside, and find your own SHIFT!  Smile, harmonize, Inhale, focus, and most importantly now, keep trying!  life is precious surprise of wonders, and they will come your way when your ready to SHIFT!