Our inner voice

Girls begin to develop an inner voice early in life, and by the time they reach grade 6 or seven many will have built their language – fat , ugly, stupid- you get what i am saying.

We must help guide ourselves and our girls to listen within, and decode the language, that is masking the wisdom.

We all recall how our developing bodies changed but do you recall how this stage become a gateway to self destruction?!

How then can we intervene now and express interest early as a way to prevent a spiralling world of inner hurt!

Begin with decoding deeper – getting past their words as a way to detect and decipher their (and your) self worth!

Begin, by learning that their language is not about feeling stupid, ugly or fat- it’s far deeper than that! Being aware of these, and listening, is the first piece! This is what removes such power. Was it an underlying fear, disappointment, insecurity, loneliness, embarrassment or a feeling of being misunderstood?! Anger is a secondary emotion from something so try to understand the emotion in which they could be suffering!

Don’t give up on lifting into what’s beneath. With practice, patience and effort, you will connect and the benefits will reap! Instant answers do not exist, despite what our society has created at our finger tips!

Cheers to learning to express. It’s a necessity to health and a gateway to wellness!

  • Offer YOURSELF a private place to practice on yourself. decipher your own emotional cue!
  • Use art to express something deeper within
  • journal
  • Know that your one change away from guiding someone else!