Rock therapy


Like a stress ball, I want you to Feel it, embrace it, focus on it, and allow it to ground you


Today we wanted to teach you guys that we have to learn to fully be present in all that we do.  It’s about sustaining our attention, in life.   That is what the chocolate exercise, allowed us to learn; when we learn to engage our five senses always, we focus on the present, rather than the past and the future fears or strains.

  • Take a moment a really focus your attention to the rock.  As we did with the chocolate, really just look at the rock, and reflect on what it looks like to you, sounds like, feels like, smells like, what is your thoughts on what it would taste like?

Balance our thoughts and emotions

Today’s Glitter jar activity, was brought in to teach us about balancing our thoughts and emotions.  Watching glitter settle is one way to be with the million thoughts and emotions we have each day. It is important when we are under stress that we STOP, recognize our thoughts, recognize our emotion, and begin to learn how we can change our relationship with our thoughts and feelings, by learning how we react to certain things. 

  • Mindfulness moves from the emotional side of the brain, to calm the emotions; to help the problem solve see more clear
  • It can work vice versa too:    once we get our problem solving part of our brain stronger, It can calm our emotional brain too

I want you to take your rock for a moment, and try and balance it on its’ side.

STOP:  thoughts?  Feelings?  You see, many of us react with a judgment to the inability to balance the rock.  I want you to see here, that not balancing the rock, is all a part of the plan, and that it was intended for you to fail…

We will fail at many things throughout our lives, and what I want you to see is that the way we thoughts and felt about the situation, will impact our reaction. 

Are we really failures became we couldn’t’ balance our rock?    Of course we are not.  That goes the same in our lives, it’s really about the perspective we have on our thoughts, and our personal expectations.

This now leads me to the C:  compassion: 

With our self

 Then with others

 Then to everyone

 Then to everything

Holding your rock, I want you to begin in your mind relaying kindness to yourself.  Perhaps you were cranky this morning before you left the home.  Take a moment in your mind, and bring kindness back into your heart.

Now, holding your rock, I want you to think about the last fight or disagreement you had with a class mate.   I want you to think now about that situation, and come up with something compassionate or kind about that situation. 


Remember your attention (five senses); stay in the present, without judgement, we really don’t know how it will go as we have not experienced it today. 

Observe your thoughts and emotions

Consider compassion, caring, & kindness (to self and others)

Keep in the moment, without judgment

Mindful participation