Hello and welcome!  I am glad you somehow discovered this path, to shift Your life Design!    What began with good intention to help others Shift through pain, has taught me more about building a life around personal Strain to gain!

A resilient life is not built from a path without adversity, but more so, it comes from openness to learn of possibility!!  Transition is a standard foundation in life which truly is a gift, within it lies an abundance of potential for mini little shifts!

As a Registered Nurse Practitioner and new author of a book,  Tara has profound reason to be with moments that shook!

“Life is intentionally messy which allows for a cleanly opportunity!  I believe tangled notions of a new perspective, truly can redirect our lives!  I want to root a foundation for you, to redesign your path, I want to encourage the potential in you, to reach further in at last!”

SMILE at what life has looked like, take it as it is, HARMONIZE in honestly, and accept your part in it, Now INHALE deeply at who you are, and the strengths that you endure, Its time to FOCUS intently on what you live and feel.  Please Try and find your parallel path, a new perspective if you will, it’s really what we make of mess that truly help us heal!

Please get lost in my tangles of tranquility, take it as u wish, it’s all the matter a perspective brings that helps keep life a bliss!

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