Chemicals involved in Emotion

DOSE DOPAMINE:  behaviour; Striving Emotions; Anticipation and cognition:  Pleasure&Reward OXYTOCIN: Socialization Pleasure: A dose released with closeness and touch SERATONIN:  Appetite, Arousal, Mood, Sleep:  think about “HANGRY” ENDORPHINS: Epinephrine and Norepinephrine:  Balances our stress response: Fight&Flight Other Chemicals and their Mood Effect Cortisol:  TOO MUCH stress releases too much Cortisol Glutamine:  Cognition, learning and Memory…… Continue reading Chemicals involved in Emotion

The subconscious dream

A terrifying awaking August 8th has me reflecting about how powerful the subconscious mind truly is.  Awakened to tears with a heavy chest,  i lay there pondering the intense emotion of fear as i come to realize i was asleep.  There it was, the subconscious mind asking me to make a Shift.  The death dream…… Continue reading The subconscious dream