Are you Obsessed about nothing Valuable?

I call it OANV and it’s a condition of stressing over things I cannot change, and not finding the courage to focus on the things I can! How many of us get fixated on things that matter not: what your child chooses to wear or not wear, the alignment of the pictures on the wall,… Continue reading Are you Obsessed about nothing Valuable?

I’m too young to be this old

Welcome to my resilient life, where you shift your mind you can shift your life! I am thirty nine years old and will hold myself this young for seven more months! I am too young to be old but somehow my body symptomology has me reaching closer to concern, and pondering - am I now… Continue reading I’m too young to be this old

Start with Why

The first question I ask myself today is WHY. Why start, why stop, why try! Understanding your why clearly with clarity and confidence can undue the inner nature of your existence, your spirit your inner most authentic desire. It is a new month and with a new beginning comes the possibility of letting go of… Continue reading Start with Why

Hormone Health- the key to wellness both inside and out!

Get on track with your hormones to better understand your behaviour patterns! I am 18 years in the making of being a nurse and it is only in this last two years I really took an interest in better understanding hormone health- and what i am discovering is that these are the master cells to… Continue reading Hormone Health- the key to wellness both inside and out!

Our home becoming 2017-2021

What started as an old 1970s bungalow has grown into so much more at the hands of her partner and her. What she tastes he made, and from that a home was created! Here’s a look into our redesign project! We purchased this home February 16, 2017 Before 2016 the original back entrywayBack entrywayBack entryway… Continue reading Our home becoming 2017-2021

Weight loss, For Me?

Dec 6,2020 December 6th was the beginning of my personal realization that no one could gift me myself. from that day forward I realized that change was about doing something. Really. All this time my entire journey through social media was to promote resiliency and change, yet I was staying the same. I am writing… Continue reading Weight loss, For Me?