shifting point: Accessing Help


There are several signs you have reached your “shifting” point and I will explore them here-the shifting point is basically the time in people’s lives that their current strategies of coping with challenges become ineffective. “Shifting point” typically comes with intense feelings of overwhelm or caos with life. You anger, cry, or lash out easily and internally you lose hope.   Typically the Shifting point arrives When life faces a myriad of changes.  Our strategies that we typically utilize no longer hold- and we begin to feel like we’re falling apart.

Help is always close-  Where do you go from here- connect with someone- push past any fear of rejection, burdenment,  or feelings of embarrassment- we really all want to help.

If your around Nipawin- Hudson Bay- Tisdale- Melfort, just outside -or anywhere in between help is close

you can start by seeking a health care provider (Nurse practitioner or Doctor) we all want to help-

if you want to start with mental health support for counselling, behaviour guidance, addiction support, child services- ans so much more- take this step ans begin-

Our regional intake number is

1- 306 752 -8767

anyone can call- they will do a short questionnaire over telephone and get you support from there


Here are a few more resources too:

if you are a Kthr employer- Shepell- offers free services to you- 18778909052

look online:


On a concluding note, if you are struggling and require support, know that it is always available.

Mental Health Helpline (Canada):

Call 1-866-531-2600

Stay strong, and begin by recognizing the signs