Shift Shop: Souls-Desire

Shake the beautiful crazy from deep inside  with unpretentious pieces from a very non-jaded Saskatchewan based -designer,  Tara Rudy

Gold, and glitz , lupin flowers, and the beauty of words meant to inspire,  this line is a one of a kind, that not only creates confidence inside,  but more so, it helps you get a little louder!

This street inspired fashion is branded to allow each of us to find our way back inside, and listen in, on the crazy SOUL seeker ready to break alive!  So, in a world where we can do anything, Lets fashion a life full of the soul’s desire!!!

SHift (VERB) / SHift/

To move or cause move from one place to another, especially over a small distance

SHift (NOUN) / SHift/

A slight change in position, direction or tendency


cropped-1231F323-0AB6-41FA-9BAC-F610F95BB456-e1517023385383.jpeg      The Teepee that you will recognize, is designed to symbolize the parallel lines demonstrate that shifting slightly can significantly impact your Path.  It  is known for its’ convenient design for people and lifestyles nearly always on the move, and traditionally a symbolic expression of humanity’s relations with the natural and spiritual worlds.  Symbols and story drawings were often painted on both the interior and exterior of the tipi, and these drawings were often the expression of visionary experiences.  I am a creative enthusiast and I believe art, photography, and self expression with words, and imagery, significantly loosen me up, and help me attach back in to my spirituality and authenticity of me!  Raising the tipi, is an enactment of the sun dance, and I believe the rhythm in music, dances deeply within me, which allows my spirit to be set free! For anyone that practice medicine, you will notice the triangle within the Intersection of paths, and to us, practitioners of medicine, this is a symbolism of Change!