Strengthen Your Mental Muscle

May 29, 2018

Strengthen our Mental Muscle:  One of the most important muscles we often neglect to strengthen includes the MENTAL muscle! Im going to offer you 5 areas that you can exercise daily, to strengthen your Mental health and your mind!

  1. Motivation :  this muscle begins with what helps you focus in on Goals you wish to achieve?  What are your motivating factors that have you thinking about this goal?  MOTIVATION is what drives us closer to our Soul’s Desires.  It energizes us, helps focus our behaviors, and guides us to learn more about our inner strength to endure to succeed!   To strengthen this muscle, you can begin with visualization!  Close your mind to contrary beliefs about your ability to achieve!  Find positive song, rhythm, voices that support and remind you of your focus and driving force to decide, and finally, recognize your willpower, and your ability to persevere resistance!
  2. Confidence:  This is, HOW STRONGLY YOU BELIEVE in your ability to succeed!  We can have every ability available to us, but without confidence we cannot use that ability!  Learn through every error that you were given that to build up and regrow!  How then can we strengthen in:  Preparation is the foundation!  PHYSICAL, technical, tactical and mental! the more areas you address, the greater you will gain success!
  3. Focus:  Is YOUR ability to stay concentrated on Your task!  We will forever be faced with interference, but it is Our job to strengthen our ability to endure!  We must remain driven at our set goal, and let no interference go!!!!!   There will always be someone there who can out strengthen you, that can devalue you, but YOU must remain focused on your OWN particular goal, and stay in tune to your mind cue!
  4. Intensity:  What is your perceived rate of maximal exertion:  When do you feel your heart is beating too fast, your lungs are at capacity, and your legs are simply to weak to persue more peak!  today You will recognize that perception, and you will block that distraction and maximize your potential just a tad bit more!
  5. Mindset:  What has you distracted, and focused away?  Coming with a positive mindset to achieve means your arriving ready and prepared!  having negative distraction consuming your mind space will inevitably distract your positive energy away, so set what’s going on aside, and lets DO WHAT YOU CAME TO STRIVE!