The Weight of the World

I have always known the heaviness that is felt from body image disturbance, and the effect of how we value our looks, compare ourselves to our peers, and we begin zooming in on all that we dream we could have!

NOW more than ever our children experience body Image questions, younger and younger, and start to develop negative perceptions at younger ages?  Why?  because we are living in a society flooded with media, but not so much this, my belief is we are not creating change for our children, yet setting them up to face risk for an obese epidemic as they begin packing on years of “snacks” and foods to soothe their driving annoyances.

I begin here, at my own children, and I am Dam guilty of soothing their wine with junk. They ask, I oblige.   WHY, then am I allowing this to occur?  Because our society covers holiday after holiday around feel good sweets, that then accumulate throughout the homes for months to come, and they now have learned the pleasure that food brings, especially under fatigue, loneliness, boredom, sadness, boredom, and boredom.  Nearly 18 million children under 5 are obese, and we are still okay with this statistic?   we are still feeding the epidemic, and we still allow our celebrations to brighten our kids day, around treats.

To understand this epidemic,  We must begin, looking deeper within?  I know Im on a very strict healthy foods kick, and am trying hard to combat this epidemic, and I very much know my genes will effect my family as they come to face this same problem as they age?  So why, have I not stopped the behaviour, and nailed this problem in its tracks?  I AM WEAK.  Sometimes I give my kids foods I LOVE:  layered peanut butter and butter toast,  rice, with butter, soya combo,  HIGH CARB meals (cause they are so so good), and so much more!  It creates a happy family, why would I do anything but this.

How many of us “consumers” / “readers” have struggled with weight/ have tried to lose weight, and have attempted change, and failed?

Well, Im here to tell you, that we must begin SHIFTING our parent beliefs, our freedom of giving treats, and begin helping our children, removing this future struggle, and start setting our families up with a chance to survive this obese craze.

not only our the foods easier, tastier, faker, Our behaviours are showing effect, based on the products within these snack foods, hyphening the issue of FOOD CRAZY!

So what is the solution?  KEEP THEM Busier, more active, More involved?  Im not sure this is right, I believe we must find some down time, for all of us, to begin to prep back to healthy starts!

The world knows how to market families to live simply, and we are all on the roller coaster!  IT is time, we take back our decisions, and revisit the foods we allow in our homes, the ways we handle simple, and start taking away and reducing the risk that our children carry the weight of this world, it is an epidemic, and it is coming directly to our homes.

Those who carried a body image or obesity disorder as they grew, know how difficult this was mentally, So, Is there more we must do, in our own adult lives to protect our families from here?  I believe it will be hard, there will be tons of wines, but there will be far more happiness, and positivity, when the time arrives.

If your interested in getting support, Our dietician, myself, and there are numerous other supports that are here to help you decide how you too can make this SHIFT.  One small change, day after day, can BE the change we wish to see in the world!  Email me, leave a comment, I would love to teach you more about Mindful Eating, healthy choices, simple life without the JUNK.