let the lines of your past lead you to your future!

It’s a difficult piece of advice, but it is the most essential- I faced many adversities along my childhood/ adulthood path and I too have felt I was too broken to keep going- I struggled with feeling down, hopeless and mostly just really lost. In those moments it’s really hard to understand how one can keep moving forward-

What’s the point? I am no longer who I was or dreamed I would be- But ironically as I did go on, i actually discovered something so brilliant – I became more of who I was meant to be!

I haven’t always understood how to be resilient nor do I always have it all put together at all the right times – I too fall behind from time to time. I am still learning the essentials of taking ME breaks especially when I face difficulty in my life- I’m learning to face the pain, feel the struggle- as I do this – I am learning to heal with the adversity- and I am taking the lesson as it comes- and I can then learn to shift away- leaving the past in the past.

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