A moment to understand

I am going to move a bit deeper now into life unsettled- ever watch someones mood change so drastically for what seems like- no particular reason? So fast so powerful it just makes no sense at all?

Take a moment and critique something for me- Imagine back to the last time you faced overwhelm? Perhaps it was a sudden life change- a significant loss- or a sudden overload of responsibility- remember that moment now as I take you deeper into the world of someone who has disequilibrium in their mind

Health: Good morning” “how was your rest?!

Illness: good- ummmm I have to do my reading- where’s my coat- I got in trouble yesterday for not wearing my snow gear- where was my gear why didn’t you send it

Health- so sleep was good?! are you hungry? Your coat was there- in your bag, remember?

Illness- don’t look at me like that your stupid

Health- hey, why are you being so irritable

Illness- I hate you – I hate this day your the worst/

Take your self back now to that moment you recalled about feelings of overwhelm-?! Imagine now, just for a second, those feelings being alive in your mind all the time- minute by minute- day after day- never getting to go away.

Life is exhausting and perhaps we really aren’t fully understanding what it is to experience mental illness- we can’t just suite it up to changing our attitude/ it is more- much much more!

I am writing this today to tell you, especially if you suffer, that I understand. –

I am writing this today to tell your loved ones- I understand

– being affected by mental illness affects us all

Let’s create a nation of understanding- let’s share our experience and learn just a little bit more about our stories

Whether it’s you- or someone near you- it influences every one of us- in some way.

We must stop believing we can wish it away- we must step up- learn about our mind- and take initiative in keeping our minds well-

Once we understood that its real- we can then begin better managing our pain- our struggle and finally, our overwhelm.

This beast is an epidemic and it’s impacting us all – take a stance- take responsibility and let’s make a change! Share your knowledge- you just never know who’s listening –

Help Instill a helping hand- we all need to connect together and do are part!

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