Freshen up this new year with the opportunity to first- relax and be with your thoughts!

Allow your focus to drift into your mind upon reflection of all the things that were! Celebrate all the news that arised and that you endured!

Find time to let go of the regret! The things that failed you, the memories that hurt, and the opportunities that were missed, let it all go –

Now, in this moment consider your soul- what does your soul dream to be closer of? What do you want to have, do, or be to fulfill who your dreaming to be!

This year I’m taking myself closer to myself by allowing my daily actions to slightly move me closer!

if work is shit- evaluate what it is that is not working well for you- and gear slightly

if your body aches, you scream in pain- be with your aches, and begin strengthening it and all your worth – one move at a time-

If your lonely, or lost- reach out, slowly!!!!!

if your mind is consumed with constant struggle- unmask those layers and move closer to being free!

Small moves will become habit, which will become your drive, which will become your reality!

Slightly slip closer to your soul- one shift at a time – will get you there!

Happy new year- I urge you to grow!

If diet is your vice, Follow my 12 week series on you tube:

12 weeks to shift your diet habits: A Summit for change


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