The true beast in me, Over a minor shopping spree!

It was an opportune chance to take myself to the village of opportunity as I happened to be in Prince Albert for a course over the weekend!

With no expectations in mind, I began exploring the value village With an eagerness for thrifting to see what it was I could find!

I browsed my usual spaces of the store that day, before moving in on the fashion aisles where I spotted a few work pants I wanted to ensure fit before I committed!

While changing, my mom had arrived and indicated her presence in the parking lot so I took that as my cue to keep going- so without hesitation I finished up what I was trying and moved to the checkout line!

My turn arrived and it was here I realized the absence of the brown bag 💼 !

I asked the cashier to verify the validity of the missing bag, which she confirmed she had not rang any bags through! I was baffled – but it was time so I payed for my things and carried on about my way!

I didn’t make it far past my moms vehicle when The suspense of the missing bag overtook me, and I needed to free the idea it had perhaps fallen out near the change room- and likely it would still remain!

I bolted back inside, and made my way back over the change area and began peering away!

With a sudden glimpse – it was there – stashed beneath a pair of gold sneakers, hidden slightly for me to see!

That’s when it happened!

The beast in me arrived!

I worked fast , I snagged back the bag and effortlessly tried to make my way back to pay, trying to draw no attention my way! The line was slow and people starting coming my way-

Panic was setting in, but there was no way I was giving that bag away!

The line seemed to take forever with fear in mind/ planning my fight the entire time!

Finally I made my way, and escaped the store feeling I had conquered a significant mission- my stubbornness set forth to do!

What would you do for a 2.99 leather bag? i followed my intuition- perhaps risking a whole lot but boy did I win!

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