Shit happens

I had a young family in today and as I opened up discussion I happened to glance down and see a mud smear on my pant leg!

I don’t know about all of u, but I like to be clean so I quickly drew attention in and allowed it to be seen, so I could wipe it clean and carry forward from here!

We made a small joke as I began wiping it clean, instantly I discovered there was more to be seen!

There was a dark piece stuck central on my office floor, I moved in to clean it when suddenly I noticed more!

My shoe was soiled with winter dog shit, I had no choice I am caught I stepped in it!

It was obvious I could not break free of this one- the shit track was mine – and I had a predicament!

We laughed and adversity had struck on today but with humour we laughed and found our way!

Adversity is inevitable but resiliency is possible!

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