For the love of injury

It happened- I experienced a hault in my life as a result of a fitness injury!

I have to explain a bit of what I do, and then will allow the past come in to what I do today!

I am a fitness leader to organized group fitness classes that are offered on a regular spring, fall or winter basis! Fitness has became a piece of my life, and it has opened up more opportunity than I ever felt possible! It’s given me friendships, challenges, abilities to fit in, and more an opportunity to open and explore who I am and what fitness dedications that I adore!

Two months ago however, my whole fitness path was Shifted , as a result of one simple step, causing a knee strain-

Initially I thought, wow what the hell was that, and within a matter of a day my knee was telling me something wasn’t quite okay- in fact. it remains changed which has significantly altered my ability to fully participate!

My leg is no longer the same- I am limited to what I can do, and it’s changed me, as it would any of you! I felt I couldn’t move through activity as I once knew, which quickly drew in disappointment with the struggle of all the “I can no longer do”

My moods changed, my social life became altered, my motivation (or lack there of) became instantly altered too- all because I had some healing to do!

I am now two months post injury and remain with limitations!

But the difference is, is the choice I am making! I started working out again, but this time it’s low impact and only within what I can do- I can walk- I can stretch, I can lift weights, and I can fit it in-

My knee has frustrated me, limited my ability but it has only SHIFTED me! I am back in a mental state that allows me to believe in the other strengths I have within me! I remain capable to exercise- and it has essentially allowed me to break free of the negativity!

I am back, I am changed , but I am learning to do what I can right now- and learning to reflect resiliently has given back my freedom of capability!

Cheers to fitness however best it fits! Cheers to no more excuses and doing it with a slight twist- I appreciate my break but learned to not use it as a forever sake!

Remember this, you CAN too, it’s truly a decision left for you!

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