Beautifully Angry

How many of us feel anger is a negative emotion- that we must not feel it, we simply must sway away from expression of it, or were always given the idea we must learn to better “manage” it?

I’m here to let that all go for you. I’m here to encourage its presence within you- when it comes to you. Have you ever realized that anger is simply an unmet need coming through? An unmet need is triggered with reaction!- often an unpleasant action none the less, but a reaction (either internally or externally).

Anger is definitely like every other emotions and it is a product of thinking! When we think something , we then create a reaction to our thinking.

What if we take our thinking just a tad bit further- what if we relate a need and a feeling to that unmet need. What could happen then? Perhaps we gain An understanding of ourselves and what need is lacking within, is in essence, the act of anger reaction (often the way we communicate we’re feeling something) and it’s opening us up to better understanding that we’re missing something!

The basic human need, the one thing that impacts all humans universally, is the joy that occurs when we enrich our lives! Sometimes that joy is only discovered after we discover what needs and desires are lacking!

So, next time you rush to correct anger, eliminate anger, and mostly to avoid anger, Maybe take a moment and appreciate anger and allow it to reach you more about self discovery!

Perhaps anger is more. Perhaps it is Gods gift to each of us to take time within, to learn, to better understand, and to grow holistically deeper into the being your destined to be!

It’s our life requirement to learn what’s going on inside each of us- so if your angry- take some time to understand why-

Are you missing a basic need, and it’s causing you to feel and then react a certain way? Dig a little deeper within and let anger be a beautiful thing!

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