Fight Till You see The Sunlight

Week 7

Failure …… can it truly inspire you? I’m back, back again, guess who’s back, tell your friends! I found myself this morning jamming, dancing, and recovering!

I am in and out of fear – and I have let this lead me deeper into anxiety of the uncertainties approaching near! Mental exhaustion has been my comfort in reasoning for all the reasons not to, an excuse over wellbeing!

I was failing at self care despite being fully aware , So here’s to week seven, all in a question – can the failures and pains of yesterday awaken me and redirect me back to resiliency?

Nourishment Began, the freedoms again, and soon I was hopeful in all that I can!

It happened today, it was all in a song, The rhythm of music carried me along! I was living out loud and comfort came in, I was laughing and dancing and rebuilding again!

My focus was exchanged I wanted to dance, I wanted to sing and the past was the past! I was alive and I was free there was suddenly the sunlight and possibility!

I will not fail because I’m determined to try, I’m determined to fuel and feel fully alive ! I found my way back to motion today – and i won’t stop cause I remembered the way!

You got this! Fresh start week seven!

Have a kick ass week – and if your like me, struggling to see – I want you to turn this song up and remember there is a light in feeling free!

TikTok Mashup

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