Chemicals involved in Emotion


  • DOPAMINE:  behaviour; Striving Emotions; Anticipation and cognition:  Pleasure&Reward
  • OXYTOCIN: Socialization Pleasure: A dose released with closeness and touch
  • SERATONIN:  Appetite, Arousal, Mood, Sleep:  think about “HANGRY”
  • ENDORPHINS: Epinephrine and Norepinephrine:  Balances our stress response: Fight&Flight

Other Chemicals and their Mood Effect

  • Cortisol:  TOO MUCH stress releases too much Cortisol
  • Glutamine:  Cognition, learning and Memory


  •  All chemicals Partner together to find balance

Estrogen:  increases the seratonin which activates a positive mood

low estrogen can lead to fogginess, headache, sleep alterations, memory change, depression

High estrogen:  can cause PMS, irritability, and anxiety

Progesterone:  calming and replenishing/  enhances our sleep and reduces anxiety and depression;  (also increases our libido)

LOWTestosterone:  reduces our Sex drive,  Can lead to erectile dysfunction, increases depression, fatigue, memory and cognition fatigue, mood swings, anxiety and depression

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