One simple fall back in time

An entire new stress is created with simply falling one step behind!  Patience runs thin, time moves slow, other requirements seem to go on hold, all with one simple step behind.

We fell behind.

The experience created an instant sense of emergency, discomfort, and frustration.  The line began to build, the orders kept coming in, and yet, we simply could not find our way back, in.  We quickly experienced overwhelm, and hopelessness set in.

We had a choice.

We could offer ourselves understanding, we could build up hope but simply we could really do nothing more but wait out time, and continue on, in the situation we were in.

I started to pause in the difficult moment, I started to breathe it all in, and suddenly I found an opportunity had set in. Someone new came up, which allowed my mind to  shift in time.

It was the man who ordered dry ribs.

The hamburger clients had to simply wait,  and It was this moment a new perspective await!

One fall back in life seems it creates a spiral of strain, but simply said, please find the courage to wait.  New opportunity will soon arrive, it will come at a time, to lesson you about being resiliently   alive.  And soon, more orders for items other than a burger came, and  then it was there, we caught back up, and life was not merely stuck!

I encourage you to find time to breathe, to recognize new thoughts, and surround yourself with what is.  Be in the moment, and new ideas will come, and soon, your life too will be caught back up!

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 7.55.46 AM.png

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