One Change away!

Hello out there! I am excited to wrap up 2020 with a list of all the changes i have made this past year and explore a bit more of my goals moving into the next year!

We all know the many challenges that presented inevitably this year, but i’m gonna shine the focus on all the gains and successes that came, and I encourage each of you to do the same!

I started my journey into healing an acute/chronic knee injury (full thickness acl tear and meniscus tear), by having a performed knee surgery back last january! I am nearing a one year recovery and I remain far from healed! I continue to be conscious to value of movement, strengthening, stretching, and body mechanics but despite trying to stay on task with rehab, I still faced a multitude of setbacks! I have learned a lot thou just one year, fitness is more than high intense workouts, it’s about connecting our body back to the mind, and our mind back to the body! Injury and recovery has given me the freedom to find physical mobility at a new pace- with a new patience and a new set of unlimiting expectations! I found myself to walking again-which has served me way more than just a fitness regimen- it has also served as self awareness system!

I always dabble in healing through nutrition but this year It really helped having had a surgery to bring me to focus into learning about the wisdom within nutritional medicine! Specifically I learned about inflammatory triggers and how nutrition impacts healing and recovery! Despite so many attempts at alienating pain, I still struggled with the feeling that i was chronically inflamed!

Having an injury changed my life this past two years, which i often blamed for my inabilities and weaknesses moving through my days! But now I am learning that it was designed for me to slow me down and teach me new things. Health and wellness can take so many different pathways so an injury and repair brought opportunity to find my basic needs, my desires, and align my weaknesses with the possibilities!

Having time with stillness throughout a pandemic year also opened up a lot of time for reflecting on life, perspectives in life, And challenges we each bring to life! It brought in some time for us to see we value our freedom and hate swaying away of routine!

we all gained some time to learn and explore, and to analyze research and explore ideas not trialed before! There were moments this year that I had no choice but to spend time with me, on me, and focus upon healing powers and new energies!

This past summer, I took my first training of integrated functional medicine which is a course applicable to licensed health professionals! This course was unlike any other medical training i have had, as it opened up the path back to root cause analysis! It reminded me as a Np to continue working on proactive ways to optimize wellness in preventative ways! The focus for this specific course was on advanced hormonal health (particularly the interconnection of adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone health). It was a rather suitable learning, because at age 39 I am finding my life revolves around work, family, and financial stress, all which could potentially dysregulate hormonal imbalances as a result of life stress! The hormone system is a complex interconnected communication system which can has many detrimental side effects when dysregulated!

I began from this point forward to unmask a new lens into something i could not previously see, my health has been failing systematically! this course reminded me to interconnect our health, in order to map out the matrix of the self!

The most abundant value i uncovered this year was the value in looking at pathophysiology! Not only does health begin in our mind, it begins in our environments and choices over time! You see we are each one separate little ecosystem! Each of our experiences and exposures will program a change and this continues throughout our days! when either the Body, mind, or spirit gets sick it results in communication as a symptom! No matter the medications I was ever prescribed, I never fully felt healthy inside. My body was changing and so was my mind, which impacted my emotions and overall my drives! I discovered a ton about unresolved stress, and the impact of all my poor coping mechanisms!

I am finding my way to understand health a bit more as a result of my failures and defeats of before!

This year was about connection and making new sense of old thoughts, and readjusting an ongoing way to problem solve! You see, this year i discovered areas of me, the ones i’ve avoided unintentionally!

One can achieve healing and one can achieve health, but it takes balance within each of the realms!

I learned ….

There are no bad fitness regimens, just the consequent of not performing them with wisdom!

There are no one size fits all food regimens, just the consequent of oversighting balances within them!

There are no secret medicines, just the wisdom of treating one as a whole person again


for every action there will always be a reaction and for every reaction there is always the consequent of action!

I am learning from a pandemic that health can actually be the ultimate consequent.

I am learning to see things from a beginners mind and to take each failure as a chance to realign!

and I have and continue to see that Health and happiness is a relationship between The truth as only that in which were willing to see!

I smile this year at the many memories I’ve made the harmonies I’ve discovered and Breaths that I have gained! I celebrate new focusses that have been brought into me, and each of my failures for helping me try with a new possibility!

Moving forward for 2021 I would like to work on continuing this path to discover mindfulness a bit more, and practice SHIFTING my borders some more!

Some of my favourite things include Fashion, Fitness, Photography, and fun so these are my goals for 2021!

If you want to find how your one change away, I encourage you to keep persisting on change!

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