SHIFT: Grounding Practice

DO YOU KNOW what mindful awareness is?

It is the practice of thinking about what your thinking and learning to recognize moment by moment each and every thought, emotion, and body sensation that processes. By starting with this, it is only then you can begin to learn to SHIFT. Mindfulness is a gift of reconnecting within and it is a nurturing strategy to find your way to SHIFT.

SHIFT is an acronym that stands for five powerful grounding skills (smile, harmonize, inhale, focus, & try) that put you in touch with your thinking, emotions and behavior patterns. We Can only learn the skill of redirection when we learn where we are right now. We must discover ourselves holistically in order to SHIFT optimistically. Learn where you are right now and this will help you get to where you’re going!!

We often get stuck in our lives mastering our negative thoughts. These Traps exist everywhere within our mind and don’t serve us more than knots. It is so easy to get stuck in negative patterns over time, and these are what damage us and influence our design.

Difficult experiences and past hurts leave traces within our minds, and often we assume these to be true each and every time.

What if there was a way to refocus your mental experience? Use SHIFT as your practice to a better day, and to a better processing mechanism!!!

The moments when life begins to feel heavy, sad, scary, lonely, frustrating, or even maybe mad, recognize your thinking, and where you are within.

Are you here and now, safe and okay, experiencing without a judgement in your thought?

or are you rehashing the stories of yesterday, feeling emotional, anxious, and lost?

If this sounds like you I encourage you to SHIFT:







Let your practice guide you to a brand new life!!!!

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