Master the ending of a difficult year

For those of you who enjoy the listening version of today’s blog I attached the link

I want to take my list of positive things outward just a tad bit more to reflect on all the moments that made 2020 special aside from the difficulty.

March shutdowns brought a lot of new journeys our way- from learning to let go of the caos of morning ritual and letting go of busy chaotic schedules. Having three school age kids meant we had to find a way to work and homeschool, and stay safe through the days. My Mother in law took on a full time childcare role, and became a Pre K , grade 2 and grade 4 teacher all at once and offered her best ability to balance three needy children in so many ways. This exchange in rolls brought me closer to see how valuable family is, in time of need. Eunice grasped her new roles with courage, bravery and a determination, which made it such an easy transition (for the kids of course)! Everyone had a roll to learn ways that technology could benefit and sustain connection!!

-We seen a true shift of intension by the wisdom of birthday party celebration! the children lost their familiar social parties and learned to both give and receive friendship internally! From drive past parades, to car friendly hide and seeks- we seen so much creativity in the way we learned to maintain that feeling of celebration!

-On line house parties- meant impromptu parties that came over the internet! it allowed for the chance to connect with friends – with a beer, yet at a distance!

-We learned to connect with our loved ones again! losing our community gave us a gift to reconnect with those closest to us! I watched my kids bond and make games, and find their way together to enjoy each other in play! and knew each time a family member was available face to face it was a blessing worth the celebration!

-All the simple pleasures : family walks, boating, biking and quiet moments!

-I loved the loss of chaotic scheduling…..

-Art, chalk, and outdoor play became a thing! we craved outdoor socializing and play that we found our way back to games like hide and go seek!

-Waves of quietness at work gave me a gift to read, learn and examine knowledge deficits! I always adore time to read, learn and explore just a bit more in medicine!

-COVID 19 had me check in to my own emotional and mental disharmony! i learned to recognize times of overthinking and stress and allowed mindfulness to set back in!

-Small pleasures felt beautiful this year, things like sunshine, seeing a friend, or fulfilling our time with a family meal!

-Rest and renewal periods!

-Redeployment meant new experiences and new learnings!

-Phone visits were new and worked well for many!

-Time for my goals- advancing my knowledge on hormone health, and holistic medicine!

-building our deck- finishing projects- because we had no other plans but to keep working on our home design!

It’s wonderful to reflect on the many positive things gained within the year! even a year of pandemic meant milestones were made! cheers to your list of positives this year, it’s a great reflection on what you do have to hold near!

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