Adrenal Health

What is it?

The vaguely unexplained symptoms often attributed to life stress!


Insomnia (can’t sleep)

Feeling unrefreshed despite a good sleep

Salt/ sugar cravings

Unexplained weight gain/loss/plateaus


Mental fog

These are to name a few of what many people experience day after day, looking for why- with no solution to blame symptoms too!

We are alive in a time where high paced lives has become the normal these days!

This- in combo with general western diets of today, a lack of exercise or a sedentary life, or quite the opposite – over intense workouts driving you to the recipe for a disaster with adrenal health!

The adrenal system responds to our high stress lives, secreting cortisol and other hormones in response, our control system to mind body connection!

Chronic stress over time thus Creates hormonal destruction!

Addressing adrenal heath is the gateway to manage complicating symptoms of thyroid and hormonal health! It’s a domino effect, as hormones steal from others to offset dysregulated systems!

Evaluate the things within your control-

Sleep wake cycles


Exercise and movement balance


Stress management

Personal and professional life balance


These are modifiable lifestyles that can improve your wellness pathway!

Think about how these areas are working for you then begin implementing changes that compliment you!

What goals might you create once you consider the realms of disease, and controllable factors that you perceive as priority!

Begin understanding the mind /body connection

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