What is this?

It is your JOB.

It is the peace within.

It is a complex understanding of the perspective we put in.

In all that is complex and undesired we react within, often without thought or a full understanding.

A reaction to stimulus always comes first, but a response through wisdom application could do so much in reverse.

Find the harmony in every circumstance no matter the strain, find what is showing and what is missing from the game.

Harmony brings substance to every circumstance, it brings a perspective, but more a source of abundance. We are alive in a time where high paced lives has become the normal these days and This- in combo with general western diets of today and a sedentary life, drive us to chaos within our lives! These are a recipe for disaster of are adrenal health!

The adrenal system responds to our high stress lives, secreting cortisol and other hormones in response to our minds! When we Harmonize within, we can calm this fight/flight system! This is an opportunity which can allows us to heal, think clear, and feel. It can guide us to a mindful connection to the true reflection of our unique circumstance.

It is prevention; Chronic stress,, chronic overreaction, chronic lack of perspective over time thus Creates hormonal destruction and drives our experiences.

Addressing our thoughts and reactions is the gateway to manage complicating symptoms of hormonal imbalances and more, our mental experience through the difficult stuff life brings. You see, poor reactions are an actual fact, they bring forth hell its a domino effect!

IT is a chance to evaluate the things with self control-

It is a tool to relaxation and renewal.

It is a tool to fitness and how we move, it is a tool to nutrition, stress management, and Personal and professional life balance!

Relationships: an ebb and flow, a give and a take, an equal understanding, a willingness to relate, a willingness for forgiveness, and an openness to new things.

Harmonizing our mind is a modifiable lifestyles that can improve your wellness pathway!

Its a crucial life skill, that builds upon this,

when you shift your mind, you can shift your life.

Its an opportunity to realize who you need. Think of the supports that can help guide you through: your teachers, coaches, your limit setters; What is negotiable, what can you see this too, what is the common goal, and how then can you begin to move on through?

I’m learning some new strategies to Tap into energy fields through times of difficulty! See this link here.

EFT techniques

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