Hormones or mental health?

Woman are cyclic beings- and this month i really noticed the change in my emotional state on state on day 17 of my menstrual cycle- It was a shift into high negativity – an overwhelming loss of energy, drive, motivation, and a sense of rage inside- a miserable realization on how i was designed!

Luteal phase is the time following ovulation! When ovulation is not met witb fertilization some of us are the blessed ones who are met with CRAZY outcomes! Ever want something you think you were destined to have yet for its reasons its an opportunity that never had? Out bodies are designed to fertilize so when this doesnt happen, the hormones fall and we carry on for shedding the corpus luteum-

What happens in truth is the response internally to falling estrogen and progrsterone, a normal cyclic change but to many of us it feels totally insane!

Im sharing about the cycle to lead you into better understanding why us woman must be cautious and in tune to our cycle variation and its impact on our mood. By studying your own cycle, you can begin to map your mind and by mapping your mind, you can take proactive steps to managing the emotional plummet and choas- by knowing your own cyclic variance!

So are your changing moods mental or hormonal? Get in tune with menstruation and ovulation to begin mapping your bodys response system!

I use a great period tracker and its free (yes Im forty and mapping too) Period tracker GP apps- which allows me to document my mood and realize when it changes cyclically!

The first step in change is understanding your body and mind and how your personally sensitive to the hormone drive! Once you review you can begin to introduce lifestyle cues meant to nourish you!

happy mapping:)

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