Nourish a new identity

Heres a few of my self discoveries over the course of these past few weeks-

If your new here, check out to learn about the onset of my discovery plan. It was only through letting go that I was able to identify patterns i have built around food, and comfort. My mental muscle was put to work this past few weeks when I opted to relieve sugar and flour from my diet. I wanted these foods to be set aside as a ticket inside- A tactic to see, clearly my patterns of dysfunctional eating!

Wow was this a way to bring my mental focus in. By pausing my everyday behaviours, I was opened up to realize how often I mindlessly consumed.

How do i have eggs without toast, how can I resist the snack? How hard would it be to alter my past? How do I relate within my marriage, my friends, my co workers, what is my worst attacks? Haulting just these two food products offered time and a new existance to develop my pattern recognition- and a chance to gain back my momentum!

A typical valentines day is focused on idulgances! Usually we celebrate our togetherness with an extra large meal and of course the dessert to follow! This year my husband thoughtfully supported my new identity and my goals and we eliminated these! Honestly, it was the most beautiful and thoughtful year for us, as he walked upon my goal and it nourished both of our souls! we had a mindful meal and a fruit cup to treat ourselves!

Life is different for me today- I am different- I am feeling free / released of the hold I was in and I am finding my new way beyond consumption! What a celebration it has been- to finally feel stronger, braver and prouder of this woman I am!

I continually am working upon her and the patterns I have become- learning to allow these to change and let the new ones come!

Happy Valentines day everyone! How nourished are you , are you fulfilling your need, are you being supported beyond the celebrity means? When you set yourself first, it becomes a priority, and more and more your choices become you and your new reality-

Im building my success story!






Allow your new self to be whoever you dream she to be! Let her be alive and allow her to take the lead!

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