The secret diet code

First off, i want to share a wonderful gift that someone once shared my way, it’s an app for downloading library books free, BUT you do need your library card!!’ Check out Overdrive and get started on reading,learning, and discovering!

I found a book that interested me this week, and i encourage each of you to download and browse through!

David Zinczenko is the man, behind my start, and I am two days into the challenge, and am learning already about a successful weight story!

I started reading his book, Zero Sugar Diet snd what i want to share is the secret code to letting go of unwanted body weight for good!

LOW SUGAR and Greater than or equal to FIBRE

It’s that easy folks! my journey with weight has been 9 years and counting, and i finally found the simplest concept to rid the excess pounds!

As always with change i always get excited to venture out with an intension to explore, the great escape of the grocery store!

The things i discovered were mind blowing and all i had to do was learn to pay attention to sugar and fibre on the content label!

I learned that my staple go to foods are exploding in sugar, and lacking in fibre – I assure you!

I mean all nutrition content also holds value, as does portions and so much more, but this new concept allowed me the freedom to dive into our food supply just a bit more!

Canned tomatoes- who knew there were so many brands packing in sugar just inside the cans!

I mean this tiny concept is a game changer for me and all it did was reminded me about reading the labels and to shop wisely!

I encourage you all to read the book and see if this can change your food / addiction outlook!

I mean we consume sugar every single day, and not in the form of donuts and dainties!

I am on day two of zero sugar and wanted to update you on the crashes i experiences by stopping sauces, and flavours and , white refined glycemias!

I was radiating yesterday, feeling hungry AGAIN- and it’s all apart of the food industry plan! sugar addiction isn’t what you’d think, it’s beyond all the junk food it’s within more than you’d think!

David taught me about the sugar crash escape, he said have a cheat pack to curb the impact! A cheat pack is fibre, packed to help you through, meals on the go, and moments your brain sends in the hungry cue!

Hormonal health requires we identify the trend, and estrogen dominance might be withholding your shred!

estrogen is created by many parts of our systems- the adrenal, the ovaries, but also the fats within! It’s a vicious cycle of unproductive hope when you can’t find away to get ahead of the obesity slope!

The fact is this

WE ALL WANT TO EAT A BALANCED DIET but no one even knows what the term “balanced diet” means anymore! There are far too many nutritional instructions (cut down on saturated fat, eat more fish, get eight servings of vegetables , drink eight glasses of water, have a gram of protein for every pound of body weight, avoid gluten, cut down on carbs, reduce salt, try butter or coconut oil in your coffee or try eating organic! It’s all great and well but a confusing mess of instruction is sure to get forgotten!

I am shocked at what i didn’t know, and for far too long i wasted the opportunity to let go! I guess what this will guide me toward again, is clean eating, low sugar and adding fiber my friends!

Hormone health begins with food and what the GI health states were in, take the lead on this and it will result in a life change again!

By the way, i am on day 24 of my cycle, and my scale just dropped down 2 numbers! Premenstrual weight gain is a huge thing but i am excited to see a new direction!

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