I’m too young to be this old

Welcome to my resilient life, where you shift your mind you can shift your life! I am thirty nine years old and will hold myself this young for seven more months! I am too young to be old but somehow my body symptomology has me reaching closer to concern, and pondering – am I now just old or am I a consequent to my younger self?!

hormone fluctuations

parenting mistakes

joint instabilities

and wrinkles to my face

Weight out of control

and new health related questions – with answers I still have yet to know!

What is this stage? What have I made? And…. Am I ready to make my way?!

A new decade is amongst me and I am surprised at how fast my health is changing! These are the results of all that I have done before now as I become – from my childhood and youth, my early adulthood and now this past decade in my thirties. I am a product of then but we can change, we can create a new pathway, we can begin today to make health our priority!

The signs of aging are here so soon, so what can I do to sustain my youth! My goal to the new decade amongst me is to make choices to support my wellbeing. Am I equipt to just feel fat or lazy or what is my potential, for I am changing! You see, I want to shine a light in all what we have done, and then shine a light forward in what potentials are yet to become! We have been aging from the beginning and we can choose to age wisely into the next-welcoming decade awaiting!

Our choices matter today for tomorrow and the fact that we’re still going means we still get to create all the fun and design a life that matters!Shift your life design is up to you – wherever you struggle can serve to redefine you! This blog is about building health paths and about getting unstuck, It’s about learning to surpass the adversity stuff! Cheers to the wise stage of aging and to aging well, We are resilient, we are aware, and we are ready, for new health!

Oh by the way, I blew my knee out again yesterday! I got this, and taking charge of my life I still have choices to make my healing priority!

Cheers 2021- your helping me find health for the decades to come!

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